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The Lands of Legend

If you play in the Lands of Legend or use Dragon Warriors, it's possible you'd like a look at my Dragon Warriors generators and conscriber.

[CC2 Maps of Legend] Download the complete maps as CC2 version 6 FCWs. This way you may view and print them with full resolution. I'm using sheets and layers a lot, and the maps are linked, so all the maps below are packaged in this one zip file.
This file was last updated at october 15 2001, and is 1130 KB.
You may also download the FCW file together with the JPEGs, PNGs and PDFs in one package (24095 KB), or read the information file included in the package.

[A map of northern Albion] This map is an "old style" map of the northern area of Albion in Ellesland. I personally feel that this map came out quite good.
PNG, 2994*2040, 266 KB
PDF, A4, 738 KB
[A nice map of Legend] This is a nice looking map of Legend, with ornaments and such.
PNG, 2088*3000, 722 KB
PDF, A3, 3128 KB
[A 100 km hexed map of Legend] This is a simpler map, without the nice details and stuff, but with 100 km hexes all over it.
PNG, 2088*3000, 337 KB
PDF, A3, 498 KB
[A 25 mile hexed map of Legend] This map is also covered in hexes, but this time they are 25 miles instead.
PNG, 2088*3000, 404 KB
PDF, A3, 590 KB
[A fancy map of Legend] In this version of the main map, crayon style fills have been used for ocean and continents.
JPEG, 2088*3000, 2284 KB
PDF, A3, 6867 KB
[A simple but nice map of Ellesland] This is a simple map of Ellesland. basically, it's a modified cutout from the main map.
PNG, 2418*3000, 201 KB
PDF, A4, 184 KB
[A simple but fancy map of Ellesland] Here's a version of the simple Ellesland map using the crayon fills.
JPEG, 2418*3000, 1373 KB
PDF, A4, 4070 KB
[A reference map of Ellesland] This is a more detailed reference map of Ellesland. It's not as nice to look at, but a lot better for reference than the above maps. It's a lot more details in Glissom and and, especially, in the northern region of Albion
PNG, 2085*3072, 659 KB
PDF, A3, 899 KB

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