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This here page is where I'll put maps (and related stuff), as well as other stuff for RPGs (or whatever), that I make.

The maps are made with Campaign Cartographer and are available as FCW files (for Campaign Cartographer and FastCad for Windows). There might also be a FTW file or two (for Fractal Terrains).

A Win32 viewer for the FCW files is available at Profantasy's (they make Campaign Cartographer). With this viewer you can print and view the FCW-files at full resolution.

If you can't run Windows applications, you can download the Acrobat PDF files, wich gives very good printouts as well, or the PNG/JPEG files wich doesn't give as good quality.

The maps (and stuff) is divided into the following sections:

The Lands of Legend:
some maps.

The Known World of Tellene:
maps, symbols, fonts and a players handbook.

The Worlds:
terrain files, maps, portraits and fonts.

Other Stuff:
symbols, a CC2 macro, a floor plan and a name generator.

Lite Krafs Om Världarna:
en hel del information om Världarna, dvs min lilla lekstuga där jag hittar på saker och så.

I'll make some more maps and stuff, but I can't say when they'll be ready or what they'll be. My own guess (wich so far has been completely wrong) is that I'll be concentrating on Ellesland in Legend, and mostly on Albion, or on making player maps for Tellene.

The Lands of Legend is a world for fantasy roleplaying, and was published as the sixth book for the Dragon Warriors roleplaying game, written by Dave Morris and published by Corgi Books in 1986. This game is almost completely impossible to find nowadays.

Tellene is another world for fantasy roleplaying games. It's available in two versions. The old one is made to be used with any fantasy game but is clearly geared towards AD&D, the newer one is an official supplement for D&D (3e). The known world of Tellene is published as "The Kingdoms of Kalamar" by Kenzer and Company. Kenzer and Company also has adventures for this campaign setting. The campaign setting as well as the adventures may be ordered directly from the companys website.

I hope someone out there likes this stuff.

/Jonas Eckerman

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